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I’m an experienced Tarot reader and very much look forward to being able to help you in whatever way I can. If this is your first time having your Tarot read, welcome, you have nothing to be worried about, you are in safe hands. If this is not your first time, welcome, I hope I can give you a Tarot experience that is both special and memorable.


I do readings from 19:00 - 24:00 (UK Time) throughout the week, please message me with a time and day that you’d like to take and whether or not you’d like a 1 hour reading or a 30 min reading. I will then get back to you and confirm if that date and time is available.


Readings can be done over the phone, via WhatsApp audio, Skype audio or even in person (I am based in London). I always start by giving a general reading before you tell me anything about yourself, these usually take circa 15 mins. Then after we can get into specifics; if there is something I have said or you have a question that you need answers for we can explore that.


It is best to be in a quiet space and a calm state before your reading, listening to calming music or simple meditation may help you relax before your reading. I would recommend that you have a pen and paper with you as you may want to take notes or write down a question to ask later. It might also be nice to record the reading on a recording device for you to listen to at a future date.


I believe in operating on a basis that is inclusive, therefore I do not charge for my readings - I do this so that everyone can experience Tarot, regardless of how much money you have.


I am a qualified Level two Reiki Tummo practitioner - If you would like to book a Reiki session please let me know - These too are free.



"My second reading with Fraser and again my inner thoughts and questions have been answered... I have gained great comfort that my positive thoughts are the truth and I can confidently let go of the negative thoughts that have continued to hurt me. Amazing, and so grateful for your time and gift" Jacqui

“This was my first time having my Tarot cards read and Fraser was exceptional. He was so precise and detailed yet leaving me space and privacy for my own interpretation. It was such a beautiful, blissful moment that we shared- connected with nature he created a safe space for me to go into a two hour self introspection/discovery. I am very grateful for the time and energy he has given. Very beautiful and special.” Morgane

"Fraser is exceptional and has incredible intuition. There is a poetic sensitivity to the way he approaches his work that is remarkable. I highly recommend him in many facets and am grateful for the profound insights he has brought my way." Amy

“I recently had a tarot reading with Fraser and very glad I did.  I highly recommend having a  reading by Fraser.

 From the outset, I found Fraser to be very professional. He responded to my request for a reading without delay and was flexible and accommodating in agreeing to provide his time at short notice.  While I have had many readings before (mostly terrible), his site struck me as different – a breath of fresh air; clean, streamlined with just the essential information distilled without any fanfare. This instantly appealed to me coupled with the solid evidence of reviews that appeared to be genuine reflections of their experience having had a reading with Fraser.

 Without ever meeting Fraser or telling him anything about me or my concerns he merely instructed me to think about what was bothering me or the isuse(s) while he shuffled his cards.  His reading was nothing like I’d ever had before. It was a completely unique experience. It was poignant, with vivid imagery and a serene, erudite and composed delivery that basically completely surprised me because he was able to distil and capture the crux of the issues in my mind ( having absolutely no information about me).  As soon as he started the reading, I knew I made the right decision getting this reading.  As it went on, at every interval, it resonated without fail. There was not one point raised that I dodnt feel connected to. He touched on and mapped out the most salient points/ issues, revealing to me through a symbolic context exactly what was going on for me and what I needed to know and understand.  The reading was revelatory and empowering.  It really helped me go back to me so I can reflect and realign my focus and see myself clearly again, better and differently. Overall it was therapeutic and I cannot recommend the experience of having a reading with Fraser enough.” Anthea

“Fraser gave me abstract images which my unconscious mind translated to my conscious mind, I was able to understand and relate them to my life. In a way that was limitless. I’m not sure how it works but the visuals he described to me felt valuable. Like treasures. I am extremely grateful to his generous ability and would recommend him to you if you are looking to see inside. It’s beautiful in there! I feel completely empowered by his reading.” Sophie

"So, it's the second time you read for me, and I trusted you completely, and it felt like getting answers to all the questions before I actually started asking. I doubted certain things, but hearing you reading them from the cards means I shouldn't have. There is a lot to think about before I choose the path but at least I don't have to feel lost anymore. Thank you once again ❤️" Zhenya

"I was seriously surprised by Fraser’s tarot reading. He confirmed information that I was unsure about it and it has made me feel a lot more confident within myself. There was a presence of energy within my body while the reading was happening and I came out feeling healed. I would 100% do it again. Thanks Fraser." Archie 👌🏻🔥♥️

"Never done this before so appreciate the amazing insight from your reading! It was very accurate! I never expected getting my tarot read could be emotionally and mentally refreshing! Well done! x" Anonymous

"I so look forward to our next session; your reading was insightful and measured. For never having met me, and being able to understand my energy just by the sound of my voice is incredible. Thank you for giving me truth, I’ve needed it. Not to mention: your voice is so soothing. Thankyou again fraser." Chloe

"I loved my reading, it was very interesting to have that experience. I heard some stuff that I was thinking I need to start working on but always postponed. And now it was reminded to me again, so probably the sooner I start working in that direction the better" Maria

"Thank you so much for this. Like I told you, I wasn’t really sure of what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect to feel this empowered. You don’t know me or my life, but if you did you would see everything fitting perfectly and just how much sense everything made, from the more general to the more weird bits. I know it depends on me and you were telling me what you were seeing, but just know that I’m a bit less terrified to take the next step that I want to because of you" Raquel

"This reading was truly a wonderful experience. Your calm and soothing way of speaking, combined with all the wonderful insight you provided through the cards really felt significant in some way. I’m left reassured that I’m on the right path, as well as motivated to keep going and to trust the universe. By far one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had for a long time💛" Ingeborg

"Fraser has a peaceful and instinctive energy, he instantly creates a safe space of honest dialogue and reflection. It was my first reading, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was really positively surprised that his insights were so accurate and applicable to the questions that I had asked myself! I truly loved this. 🌸" Lara

"Thank you so much for your tarot reading. I've never done it before, but I was impressed with how accurate it was. It's like a cool shower, refreshing, eye-opening, but at the same time very relaxing and calming. I'm looking forward to do it again. Thank you, Fraser.♥️" Anna

"Thank you so much! I was very apprehensive and perhaps slightly scared before we started. I've had a lot of things going on in my life and they've left me so confused and disoriented in terms of my inner self and the future paths I will take. The reading however made everything clear for me. Fraser was incredibly accurate so much so that I became slightly emotional. I've managed to find some clarity and faith that the paths I'm planning to take are the ones I should pursue and I can finally let go of the past. The reading opened my eyes and I'm incredibly grateful 💛" Meg

"It was mesmerising to hear my own thoughts and worries read from the cards. I feel empowered by the answers I was given and it's amazing how accurate the insight on the situation was. I have a lot to think about but it seems much clearer now what I should be doing. It's also a pleasure to listen to you, Fraser, thank you 🌼" Zhenya

"What a wonderful reading that was. I loved every second of it. You definitely have a gift. I messaged you seeking some clarity about my current situation and between the general reading and more specific questions I had, you read the cards and it felt as if you knew me personally. Your style and soothing voice made the experience truly magical. I would definitely come back and have another reading with you. Thanks so much for taking the time with me. Such a lovely soul. Namaste.❤️" Sahra

"Thank you so much for such an insightful and mesmerising first tarot card reading. Your calming, compassionate tone put me at ease straight away. I’m overwhelmed by how accurate it was, and feel so much clarity and affirmation at an otherwise very confusing and isolated time in my life. From half way across the world, you shined a light on parts of me that reminded me of who I am and where I’m going. I didn’t know how much I needed this - thanks again, Fraser." Kirsty

"It was a pleasure to experience my first tarot card reading with Fraser and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a little insight, direction and clarity in their lives, open minded enough to explore an alternative path.

His warm and personable approach combined with his relatable teaching style made for a smooth introduction into the unfamiliar territory of tarot cards. His insights during the session were all the more impactful and resonant as a result.

The whole experience was a welcome breath of fresh air." Paul

"It was my first tarot reading and I loved the energy and safe environment Fraser created. I think he is very sensitive to the cards and by listening he found what they were actually trying to say, even if he couldn’t understand, it made sense for me and I’m sure it will even have more sense with the time. I feel super grateful and I kind of think, whatever tarot is or however it works, sometimes it empowers you with the energy you need in that exact moment and Fraser transmitted it to me. Thank you💖✨" Gemma

"I really enjoyed my first experience with tarot cards. Fraser was very good at explaining the cards and checking if I wanted to explore certain avenues more in depth. I really feel our session gave me some confirmation and guidance. I would certainly recommend Fraser as he really seems to know what he is talking about and is softspoken." Siobhan

"Entering the reading with a foggy mind, the cards acted as a flame, helping me to see a path that I had lost. Fraser’s gentle energy was refreshing and made me feel instantly safe. Leaving the reading, I felt light and as though I could start strengthening my connection with myself again." Anonymous

"I am stunned by how insightful this tarot reading was. I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

Fraser is truly a kind spirit and a peaceful soul, after 1 minute I immediately felt an energy and a connection that is hard to describe. Fraser made me feel comfortable and in his reading he used a lot of powerful words and images that were very easy to understand and made complete sense to me.

He demonstrated to be a very empathetic person able not only to look into the meaning of the cards, but also into the meaning of life. 

He shared some very interesting thoughts with me that left me feeling hopeful and rejuvenated.

Again, I would highly recommend it to anyone ❤️" Caterina

"Fraser knows how to create a safe space the minute you pick up the phone, and is very attentive and warm. I had a wonderful experience with our tarot reading session, and was definitely surprised by the accuracy and his interpretation of the cards. He doesn't only do the reading, he really listens, and I can even say that I feel somewhat healed after. Thank you ❤️"Shay

"I had been running around all day... and talking with Fraser felt like a much needed break in my currently hectic life. His calming voice is a wonderful mediator of the tarot cards, he said things that described the most inner parts of my being and I was quite surprised at first. As the session continued, it felt like the cards were telling a story. This has been an interesting experience that left me wanting more, I can’t say that all questions have been answered but I would highly recommend it as Fraser has a special way of reading Tarot. Thank you ✨" Elsa

"It was my first time having my tarots read. 

It was a very pleasing and interesting experience. Being in a very peculiar situation with my life right now Fraser with his reading, helped me to see through some issue I am currently facing.

He managed to create an intense, but at the same time very calming atmosphere during the reading. 

I already suggested him to some of my friends." -Francesca

"I want to thank you for such an honest and beautiful reading. Somethings were confusing, somethings have yet to be cleared out, but some other things were just what I needed to hear (and didn’t know) and also very refreshing. Like a wind that blew and cleared the fog. Your energy is soothing and it creates a safe environment. I loved when you spoke on my (and your) mother’s tongue, it speaks highly of your empathy which I think is very needed in the readings. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to what the universe had to say." Carla

"Written words may not be able to describe the spoken conversation. but as the cards were read at a pace that was easy to follow they began to grow a metaphorical tree in my mind of how each card he had to explain could mean so many things in my life. some were clear and i could easily connect to what he meant by them, but others seem to be vague. and vague in the most beautiful way possible where i felt meaning in them so deeply that there was no other thought to come out of it. at the end there were laughs and genuine smiles shared across an ocean, and i think that’s pretty spectacular for human nature to have had happen. ✌🏼"Bailey

"I had no idea what to expect. Fraser showed a clear understanding in his interpretation of the cards, free of any judgement. Exploring various aspects of my life, I was left fairly speechless by everything that was said. Some things I could apply to present situations, helping to provide a bit of clarity in what I am currently doing, and other things said applied to things yet to happen. I feel like I have walked away with a better understanding of myself, and of the universe, but also walk away with more questions that only time will be able to answer. If you feel skeptical about Tarot, I implore you to have a reading with Fraser and go into it with an open mind, there's a universe of possibilities of what you could take away from it. Thank you, Fraser." Joey

"I had no idea what to expect from my first Tarot reading. It’s taken me a while to process how pertinent and accurate Fraser’s reading was.

His words are gentle, visual and poetic; and his energy always calm and loving.

The reading has shifted my perspective on many aspect of my life and shined light on others. At times he was scarily specific.

I really would recommend Fraser’s reading to everyone - especially if you’ve never had your Tarot read before.” Santo

"The reading was both scarily true and pleasant. At first i was a bit doubtful because obviously these are cards and didn’t expect to hear anything specific but then when you started the reading i stood rooted to the spot. Also your intonation and voice were really calming, which was comforting for me. Most of the things you said i was already subconsciously aware of but once you said them out loud did I realise their meaning/importance.

I felt healed after I spoke to you, as if instead of making a leap over a gap, you helped me build a bridge (if that makes sense to you).

Honestly can’t put into words how I’m currently feeling, it’s simply overwhelming. 

Another thing that happened and stuck with me was what happened with the weather. For some it might be just a coincidence, but for me was a sign from the universe. When the reading started and i was still a bit nervous, a massive thunderstorm began, at one point the electricity stopped for a second and then at the end when I was feeling at peace it was raining silently. 

Would absolutely love to have another reading in the future by you. Thank you, Fraser, you were truly wonderful. Keep being the lovely person and the free soul that you are!" Joanna

"i think its amazing how you could make such accurate readings from a complete stranger. you spoke with clarity and gave a lot of confidence in what you were saying, i felt comforted and felt you were sometimes giving me advice like we’ve known each other for a long time. this reading has left me with great insights of my own path and my inner self. i will definitely come to you for more readings in the future, thank you ✨" Anonymous

"Never having had Tarot cards read for me, I was very intrigued about what would come of it. Without Fraser knowing me much at all, I really hadn’t expected to find some of his interpretations coming so accurately close to the feelings and thoughts I carry within myself. The revelations and reflections were a perfect condensation of what I should be focussing on as well as a real assurance for me to trust in what I believe in. Although it was over the phone, Fraser painted truly vivid images in my imagination from what he could see in the cards. He was generous with his time and happily delved deeper into some further questions I had.” Felix

“t was my first reading and I think everyone should try it, there is nothing to be scared about!

I really like to think that everything is within us, that we can create our universe and the way Fraser was talking about it confirmed my belief. He helped me understand the purpose of some events in my life and motivated me to improve myself. Looking forward to hear that calm voice again!” Magda

“Fraser was the first person to read my tarot and I feel grateful to have found someone as insightful and lovely as him to do that for me. The experience was truly enlightening. He was very accurate in interpreting the cards and the universes message for me. Without knowing me, he managed to tap into some of the deepest parts of my soul and provide me with comfort and answers to some questions and hard-to-face truths. His energy and calm voice immediately put me at ease. His reading was truly beautiful & even made me cry. If you’re looking into delving deeper into your true self, I’d highly recommend getting your tarot read by him. It was a very pure,  cleansing experience and an absolute pleasure. Thank you Fraser” - Kia

“So if you've always been weirdly attracted to old witch ladies on late night tv - Go for this tarot reading session. If you are in need of self reflective meditation led by a man from another planet go for it. If you are craving conscious human connection and believe in love and empowering people around you, go for it.

But most of all I think it is just worth to listen, even for an hour, to the beautiful mind of Fraser's soul” Zuzi

"It was such a wonderful experience! ✨ Fraser says things so beautifully and honestly! I started to see things in my life more clearly and I feel I now have a good idea of what I need to change. After the reading, I was feeling refreshed, recharged, with my hopes up, and with a good energy around me. It was great and so inspiring!" Anonymous

"Fraser was absolutely spot on with my reading, all answers to my questions were forthcoming very clearly and precise. Thank you so much" Jacqui

"The reading was so wonderful and I am incredibly grateful for the experience.  I have always been sceptical of tarot cards and this was my first encounter with them. However, the session with Fraser really opened my mind and I felt so calm and reassured about my direction and movement through life. Everything he said truly resonated with me and I gained so much clarity. Fraser is very comforting and has an authentic skill. I will definitely be recommending him to others." Lauren

"I really didn’t know what I was getting into before I participated in a Tarot reading with Fraser, but the experience didn’t let me down at all. The way Fraser read the cards made me feel like I was just listening to my inner voice telling me things that all of the sudden made sense. I think the way Fraser makes you feel at ease plays a big role in that. Personally, I definitely have become more interested in Tarot thanks to this great first experience Fraser provided me with. If you are completely new to Tarot like I was, it wouldn’t hurt you to give this a try. There’s definitely nothing to lose and only beautiful things to gain!" Finette

“Thank you Fraser for doing my first Tarot reading. You conducted it with professionalism and personality which makes the whole experience approachable. I came with a significant life choice to make and was poetically guided through Fraser’s Tarot reading. Many of the comments were related to my query and I was left with a clearer mind than I had started. I now know how to approach my decision and what to anticipate. Thank you! “ Arnaud

"This was my first time trying a tarot reading, and it was incredible.

All the information I had about it was just the typical misconceptions. But I knew that it wasn't true, and I let Fraser guide and teach me about it.

He has a very nice energy that you can sense through his voice, and from the beginning it felt right.

He began with a general reading that pretty much broke down almost every thought and situation I'm dealing with at this point of my life, or plans that I visualize.

Fraser doesn't overthink what he has to communicate, and neither did I while listening. Everything just made sense without me having to try and find a connection.

I left the reading with a lot great energy and information  to clear up the current paths of my life." Janos

"Fraser's tarot reading was calming, refreshing and incredibly interesting. He gave a lot of his time to me, for my reading, what I had to say and any questions I had. I only spoke to him over the phone, but he is a genuine, and open human being. Thank you!" Toby

"This was my first ever tarot reading, before starting the session I didn’t know what to expect and was quite doubtful about the whole process.

However, once Fraser started reading the cards, there were many crucial statements he made that truly resonated with me and how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of months.

He was able to identity what I had gone through and what was permeating through my soul.

After the reading, I felt reassured that I was on the right path and should follow the light that was guiding me.

To top it off, the final card he uncovered was one of ‘opportunity’, which directly aligned with where the next phase of my life will be leading me to.

Thank you kind sir, for your time and reading. Thoroughly enjoyed this experience." Kishanth

"...Fraser's reading was impressive and the reassurance I needed for some personal issues.

He is extremly insightful and carries and connects the dots in a very graceful, precise, curious and deep way that allowed me to see by my own means how it did symbiosis with my story :)))

He is also very respectful and kind with the vulnerability/soulnakedness that comes from these encounters- specially with the synchronicity of certain things.

I look foward to take responsability with these new tools :) very reccomended!!" Daisy

"Fraser’s reading was incredibly sensitive and poetic. I felt he was patient in discovering his readings and findings and left me rather emotional. His nature is very soft and beautiful, and he definitely connected to some deep truths." Amy

"I am writing this to thank you for the reading you made another day. I do believe that universe sends us the message in various forms in the right moment, but im still in awe to witness this communication in such a direct way. 

You were able to make the atmosphere relaxed and soothing. I also particularly liked the metaphors you used as it imprinted vivid pictures in my mind about the things you described. 

I would definitely recommend the reading to anyone who wishes to get some guidance, support or reassurance.  I am immensely grateful for your kind heart and the effort you make to help people." Ilsina

"Thank you for the reading. I was excited and unsure what I should expect from it and how I will deal with the outcoming. But it makes me calm and reflect about me and my surrounding. I am surprised about how the cards told you so much about me. I am glad I had the possibility to experience this. Your voice is calming and I loved to listed to my own thoughts, fears and wishes. Thank you! Xxx" Lena

"I am grateful and blessed for this oportunity of tarot reading by you. Your voice is really calm and I felt I am ready and open to hear everything. This reading for me was a reminder what I need to do in life. Thank you 🙏🏽💎

I recommend his reading to everyone who is dealing with something and who wants to learn something about themself. Perhaps you will descover your strong points and decided to work in life. I found it really helpful. I highly advice you to give it a go." Anonymous