Two motorbikes, two months, crossing 10 counties and covering a total distance of over 10,000km.

A motorcycle journey into the wild - Collaboration with my dear friend Jack Harries

Photo book & original prints available here.

"I've always dreamt of going on a motorcycle road trip and living wild like in the films I've seen or the books I've read. Two years ago my friend Jack Harries and I left London on two motorbikes, tired of modern city life and in the hope of an adventure of our own we decided to ride from London to Budapest and back on our trusty motorbikes, challenging ourselves to live off the grid, wild camping and cooking our own food. We wanted to experience "life", to meet hitchhikers, travellers and go on a crazy adventure. For the past two years we've been working with @stanleyjamespress on designing this beautiful journal like photo book. With 100 pages of 35mm photos, 16mm film scans, journal entries from the road and a pull out map we hope this book inspires you to get back to the wild and go on an adventure of your own. If you'd like to support the project the 'Headed East' book and original prints are available in the store."

Fraser Rigg